Ray Parrish Creative Direction

digital branding for accelerating startups

The startup experience is a roller coaster ride. Ray Parrish Creative Direction can help smooth out at least one necessary and important part of a startup’s evolution. We provide fast, dependable, and seasoned brand design ready for pivots and prepped for production across all your communications channels.

“We contacted RPcd for a logo branding and website design, and like all requests we needed it as soon as possible. From the beginning Ray was very clear and precise on how we would get from brand concept to full website. Communication was spot on keeping us updated and we finished with a fully implemented production website. RPcd set the bar for what it should be like to work with a branding firm.I can’t stress enough how easy it is to work with RPcd they are definitely our design go-to moving forward.”

Nick Poore
CEO at Spx.ai

“We worked with several marketing agencies and consultants before we found Ray and his team. They were fabulous, particularly for a startup that needed to move fast and keep cost controlled. Before working with Ray the shelf life on our marketing materials was exceedingly short, requiring new copy and new images every time we tweaked the product. His work stood the test of time even as our product evolved.”

Luke Fishback
CEO / Founder at Plotwatt