A startup is often focused on their need for capital. They need to focus on investor relations, pitching, and negotiating because they need funding to take their vision to the next level. But it’s good to stop and remember that while it is always possible to raise more money, it’s never possible to get a day back once it’s past. Money can be multiplied. Time never can.

For founders who are hustling to meet with investors, searching for key vendor relationships, and recruiting to find talent as they begin to grow—time often becomes a more limiting factor than money. And so while establishing your brand and your identity is important, the time you spend in this process is precious. Who knows what opportunities you might miss if your ability to engage in critical business development activities is paused while you’re waiting for a website or finalizing a logo and branding materials.

That’s why when RPcd engages in design work for startups, we offer a flat pricing model so you don’t have to waste time doing the proposal dance, and can focus on fast turnaround of concepts and final deliverables. Part of the value in our fees is the fact that we fully understand how precious time is for founders of a startup. We get you what you need quickly, and we use a well-established and proven process of communication and testing to give you the confidence that you’re going to get what you need with minimal time expenditure. We get on the target quickly and move to the bullseye through our focus and experience.

Founders have enough on their plates—engaging in an open-ended, time-consuming design process does not need to be added.