Website Redesign
Branding Transition


by Comparex

Founded in 2011, Cloudbearing provided cloud computing and IT management to its clients by focusing on Microsoft Office 365 migrations to the cloud. With increasing growth, leadership considered a potential acquisition and looked to narrow their online brand positioning and look more attractive in their market position. The project not only included a website redesign but also a plan for planned reskin to match the new parent company after acquisition. 

Website Redesign

Original Website

Redesigned Website

Looking to extend Cloudbearing’s branding and move away from the existing templated site, the project started with a website redesign. After new UI considerations and site content types were fleshed out, the site design process explored multiple design options. These variations gave Cloudbearing paths to choose how they would like to extend their branding past the existing logo. Once these branding elements were narrowed down, the new homepage acted as the brand guidelines for further elements like icon sets and infographics.

Acquisition Branding Transition

Cloudbearing Site Design

Rebranding After Acquisition

After being acquired by the German company, Comparex, the redesigned Cloudbearing site would become the foundation of Comparex’s U.S. position. Proper planning allowed for minimal structural changes and a quick re-skinning transitioned the site over to Comparex’s branding in an accelerated timeline. The new brand expression would also ripple into Comparex’s other online properties as the Canadian and International sites picked up design suggestions from the new site.